Behind the scenes, Obama operatives are still trying to negotiate a deal with the Taliban

Perhaps they should be talking to the people of Afghanistan instead.

An interesting series called ‘FLIRTING WITH AFGHANISTAN’

Stare into this girl's eyes, stare long, and she'll capture you, and you won't be able to look away. Then realize that I took this photograph in early 2003, when I and my Special Forces team mates played in our "Chocolate Alley" Jalalabad neighborhood of our safehouse base with the scores and scores of kids who trusted us and were unafraid of us, confident of our intent for good rather than bad, to the point that even the girls were photographical. Look again at this girl, then realize that, seven years later, she has been long married as well as long under a burqa. Under a burqa. Not just the pure beauty, but--look at her--whatever is going on in that mind.

Here is the fourth part of “Flirting with Afghanistan,” text, photos and captions by Paul Avallone. (See here for Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.) In this final installment, Avallone examines the exploitation, segregation and enslavement of girls and women in Afghan Islamic society — a society the US-led coalition is prepared to die for, defend and perpetuate.

The culture prohibits the photography of women, so any means necessary is used, including using the shelter of a vehicle and the side mirror to photograph these women walking through a bazaar in Kabul. Note the only sign of feminity--the wedding ring.

And the American soldiers do leave, and that night or the next or the one after, their base will be rocketed or mortared, which is no big surprise. With fancy high-tech gear they can accurately pinpoint the POO (or Point of Origin) of the rockets/mortars, and guess what, believe it or not, the POO will be right there smack dab in that village where “we have not seen Taliban here in two years.” If the Americans send their own mortars, artillery or jet-released 500-pounders down on that POO, within hours the Taliban newswires will declare three innocent women and a half-dozen innocent children killed in the infidel bombing—with videotape proof—and by morning, President Bush and his commanding generals in Afghanistan will be getting red-phone calls from President Karzai crying, “Why are you killing our innocent people?!” Tic toc, tic toc, Jeopardy is back, bing!The answer is: What is, We’re sorry, and we won’t do it again.” READ THE REST DIANA WEST

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