What could possibly be worse than a PROGRESSIVE?

A PROGRESSIVE ISLAMIST. And a group of them are gathering for some kind of Islamist protest rally in Tallahassee, Florida on March 11, 2010 called MUSLIM CAPITOL DAY.

Yep, you read that correctly, a political “advocacy day,” for Muslims in Florida. Yes, that would certainly get the attention of those who are fighting the encroachment of sharia law, through a stealth jihad in the state of Florida. Now, nobody cares who petitions the Florida government, as that is a right even idiots possess…unless of course, the petitioners have a tainted relationship with those who have been
found guilty of terrorist crimes against the US government.

global_7745004-viThis was the case with the leader of the newly formed, United Voices for America, Ahmed Bedier. Due to Bedier’s involvement with terrorists and the unindicted co-conspirator organization, CAIR, it is imperative that a few folks and I visit Tallahassee on Muslim Day and “welcome “ Mr. Bedier in such a way that his real agenda is exposed for all to review. This “confrontation” of supremacist Islam and American Democracy is just the beginning of things to come in the beautiful, but Islamist-influenced Sunshine State! FLORIDA SECURITY COUNCIL



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