“The West wanted to avenge its ‘defeat’ in the Crusades so it gathered these dispersed Jewish communities, the scum of the earth and garbage of the nations, and planted them in the heart of the Arab world.”

The Jews have never been faithful to agreements. That is how they are described in the Quran. They are not faithful to treaties or agreements. They depend upon American and Western aid. We the Arab states, governments, and officials made a huge mistake in dealing with this as a political issue, when it is, in fact, a religious issue. (Confirming that yes, we ARE at war with Islam)

Let me be clear. (Sound familiar?) Jihad is the only way to resolve this issue. With the Jews, one cannot achieve anything by means of peace, or a settlement, or open borders, or diplomatic and commercial ties. They are devils in human form. Many people think that Judaism is a religion, but today’s Jews are not really Jews, and have nothing to do with Moses [AS] and the Torah. They are a gang of evil thieves who stole this land. By nature, a thief who knows he has no right to the land imposes his presence by means of force, by bloodshed, by excessive massacres, by excessive killings, and by destruction, in order to prove that he has rights in this region. This is the nature of thieves.

It is inconceivable that we deal with this band of thieves as a state. We made a big mistake by treating them as a state. This is not a state. These are gangs of evil thieves and murderers…