CANADA'S new Rights and Democracy leader has publicly warned about terrorist threats posed by Muslim immigration

Gerard Latulippe, the man chosen by the Harper government to lead the Rights and Democracy organization argued that the “geographic concentration of more and more immigrants from Muslim countries” undermined “the proper functioning of Quebec society.” He added if Quebec failed to change the way it selected immigrants, it faced a significant threat: the “unnecessary risk of fostering domestic terrorism.”

And Terrorist Front Group CAIR (Canada) is upset, saying, “”In our opinion this promotes an unfounded fear of Muslims and of Muslim immigration in Canada,” said Ihsaan Gardee of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada. (Who cares what you think?)

The federal Tories have picked him to become president of the federal organization responsible for promoting human rights and democracy around the world.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon has called him an exceptionally qualified candidate to lead the rights organization, now gripped by controversy and internal discord. Opposition parties, however, had already slammed the nomination, saying the government should have appointed someone less partisan and ideological.

Cannon is expected to announce this week whether he will take the opposition’s advice and choose another candidate. One Muslim-rights group is pleading with him to do just that in light of Latulippe’s past musings. “This is not consistent with the values of tolerance and acceptance enshrined in our Canadian Charter (of Rights and Freedoms). . . Mr. Latulippe has a right to his opinion, but it’s a whole other story when it’s taxpayers’ money going to someone whose values don’t reflect what’s in our Charter.” THE STAR

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