Radical Islam in the heart of Pompano, Florida

Recently the Pompano Beach, Florida city commission granted the imam of the Islamic Center of South Florida, Hasan Sabri, the honor of giving the invocation at one of its meetings. Americans Against Hate Chairman Joe Kaufman admonishes the Commission and exposes the terror ties and hate of Sabri.

All but one of the city’s commissioners mimicked the Mayor with their clasped hands and bowed heads, as did much of the audience. If many of the onlookers knew of this imam and the institution he was representing, they might have walked out instead. Sabri prayed in Arabic, then attempted to translate for the audience his recitation. However, nothing close to the real statement would be found in the translation.

Sabri, the imam of ICOSB, was previously affiliated with the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR), a radical mosque with a number of ties to terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda.  Under Sabri’s name was an announcement that ICBR had added a new link to its site. That link was qoqaz.net or “Jihad in Chechnya,” a website that existed to raise funds and recruit fighters for al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The site was produced by Azzam Publications, named for the former mentor of Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam.

Later that year, ICOSB posted on its website a Friday sermon given by Sabri, where he denounced America as an enemy and threatened Muslims who assist the U.S. READ MORE: FRONTPAGE


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