TEXAS Apartment Complex accused of not renting to Muslims

Yeah, yeah, it’s illegal to discriminate against people because of religion, but should it be illegal to refuse to rent to a group of people who want to destroy your country and convert you to their religion?

Ultimately, that is the goal of all practicing Muslims, not just the terrorists. While Muslims may dislike the tactic of terrorism, they agree with the goals of the terrorists, to create an Islamic caliphate around the world. And yes, if they call themselves Muslims, they believe this because it is the basic principle in all their holy books.

A North Texas apartment complex is facing accusations that it segregates Muslims in buildings away from other tenants — or refuses to rent to them at all. The complaint comes from former leasing agents at the StoneBridge at Bear Creek complex in Euless. They say Muslims were routinely denied apartments even when there were vacancies.

Michelle Williams was Davis’ co-worker. She says Stonebridge’s manager told her, on a regular basis, to turn away potential walk-in renters if they looked Asian or Middle Eastern “curry people.” (But Muslims aren’t the main consumers of curry) For the duration of the time the women worked at Stonebridge, they say they were told there was one condition under which they could rent to Muslims: If they were all kept in the same two buildings of the 21-building complex. (It isn’t the smell of curry they don’t like, it’s the smell of explosives)

Stonebridge says it has residents of all ethnicities throughout the property.WFAA

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