BOO FRICKEN HOO! Muslims aren't happy even in the most Muslim-friendly nation on earth – Great Britain

So why don’t they leave? There is a belief among Muslim parents that the British schooling does not adequatly address their cultural needs. Failing to meet this need could result in feeling resentment among a group who already feel excluded.

The demand for Muslim schools (ppaid for by British taxpayers)  comes from parents who want their children a safe environment with an Islamic ethos. (There are 57 nations where they could get “Islamic ethos”) Parents see Muslim schools where children can develop their Islamic Identity where they won’t feel stigmatised for being Muslims and they can feel confident about their faith.

How Christians get treated in Muslim countries

State schools with monolingual teachers are not capable to teach English to bilingual Muslim children. (Maybe their children are too stupid to learn. Most children pick up second languages very easily) Bilingual teachers are needed to teach English to such children along with their mother tongue. (Why do they need to learn their mother tongue if that is their native language?) According to a number of studies, a child will not learn a second language if his first language is ignored. (Total CRAP)

Bilingual Muslim children need STATE FUNDED Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods.

Muslims  have the right to educate their children in an environment that suits their culture. (Yes they do, in their own country, NOT Britain) This notion of “integration”, actually means “assimilation”, by which people generally really mean “be more like me”. (And since you have a problem with that, you don’t belong in Britain) That is not multiculturalism.

In Sydney, Muslims were refused to build a Muslim school, because of a protest by the residents. Yet a year later, permission was given for the building of a Catholic school and no protests from the residents. This clrearly shows the blatant hypocrisy, double standards and racism. Christians oppose Muslim schools in western countries yet build their own religious schools. (Thats’ right, Catholics don’ threaten the country the way Muslims do)

British schooling and the British society is the home of institutional racism. The result is that Muslim children are unable to develop self-confidence and self-esteem, therefore, majority of them leave schools with low grades. (I guess that’s why they keep trying to blow stuff up)

(Leaving out the fact that Muslims are the most racist, bigotted people on earth)Racism is deeply rooted in British society. Every native child is born with a gene or virus of racism, therefore, no law could change the attitudes of racism towards those who are different. It is not only the common man, even member of the royal family is involved in racism.

The father of a Pakistani officer cadet who was called a “Paki” by Prince Harry has profoundly condemned his actions. He had felt proud when he met the Queen and the Prince of Wales at his son’s passing out parade at Sandhurst in 2006 but now felt upset after learning about the Prince’s comments. (Awwwwww)

There are hundreds of state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be designated as Muslim community schools with bilingual Muslim teachers. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. (Now the ragheads want to ban British students and teachers from all their schools? Deport these ingrates) ENGAGE


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