Muslims slaughter thousands of Christians in Nigeria

10,000 Christians have been slaughtered by Muslims in the past four years. And Barack Obama says nothing.

Violence against Christians by Muslims in Jos in central Nigeria site has more than one hundred deaths. Sectarian violence in the region in January, took hundreds of lives. The Christian villagers were massacred with machetes and then put in fire.

A witness who visited the village after the massacre reported that there were hundreds of bodies in  stacked layers.

The Muslim attackers came from the surrounding hills and attacked the sleeping villagers, took them from their homes and slaughtered them with machetes. Jos is located on the border of the Muslim north and predominantly Christian southern Nigeria and is regularly the scene of religious riots. LINK

Approximately 140 million people inhabit Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa. The country is divided by ethnic and religious differences. 60% of the population is Muslim living mostly in the North of the country. Christians mainly inhabit the South. The introduction of the Sharia law 10 years ago in 12 states provoked a series of riots throughout the country. In August 2004 the Islamic government in the Zamfara state threatened to demolish all churches considered as illegal structures, close all businesses belonging to Christians during Muslim prayers, and enforce a new law against clothing that is not compliant with Islamic law.