Palestinian Authority plans to name public square after terrorist killer

Female Palestinian terrorist, Dalal Mughrabi, led the worst terror attack in Israel’s history when she and other terrorists hijacked a bus and murdered 37 innocent civilians in 1978.

And THESE are the subhumans with whom the U.S. thinks Israel should negotiate a peace deal?

Remnant of bus hijacked by Mughrabi

Another chapter is unfolding in the ongoing confrontation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over the naming of a square after the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. In December, Palestinian Media Watch publicized that the Municipality of Ramallah planned to name a public square in honor of the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi . Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately protested to the US and sharply criticized the PA for its intention to name the square in Ramallah “after a terrorist who killed dozens of Israelis.”

The official PA daily newspaper reports today that the PA has chosen to ignore PM Netanyahu’s criticism and protests to the US. Not only does it still intend to name the square after the terrorist, but the date chosen for the inaugural ceremony is this Thursday, March 11, the 32nd anniversary of the terror attack.

After PMW’s exposure of the PA’s naming of the square in December, Israeli PM Netanyahu protested and condemned the intention: “Today, and a week ago, senior officials from the Prime Minister’s office conveyed a protest to the US against Mahmoud Abbas… that the governor of Ramallah named a square in her [Mughrabi’s] honor.” [Israeli News Channel 2, Jan. 7, 2010] “Whoever sponsors and supports naming a square in Ramallah in honor of a terrorist who murdered dozens of Israelis on the Coastal Road – encourages terror.” [Galei Zahal, (IDF radio), Jan. 10, 2010]

Since PMW’s exposure of the story, PA leaders have repeatedly rejected PM Netanyahu’s criticism while defending the practice of honoring murderers, whom they honor as Martyrs (Shahids). PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas also referred to the terror attack as “military activities.”

“Preparations for inauguration of Shahida (Martyr) Dalal Mughrabi Square complete”

The El-Bireh Municipality has completed construction work at the Shahida (Martyr) Dalal Mughrabi Square in the Um Al-Sharait region, and has commenced preparations for its inauguration this Thursday, the anniversary of Mughrabi’s Martyrdom. The mayor, Jamal Al-Tawil, said that… this year the municipality will celebrate the inauguration of the Shahida (Martyr) Dalal Mughrabi Square in order to commemorate her memory and her sacrifice as a Palestinian woman who resisted the occupation. City Council member Aida Abu-Ubeid said that the square is considered a symbol of the sacrifice of the Palestinian woman. She also noted that flowers and trees will be planted there, and that a picture of the Shahida Dalal Mughrabi will be placed at the center of the square. [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 7, 2010]

There has been no public comment from the Obama administration about the PA’s honoring of the terrorist.

The PA further glorified Mughrabi on the date of her birth when the Governor of Ramallah announced the naming of the “Dalal Mughrabi Square”.

These are not isolated examples of public glorification of terrorists in the PA. The PA has a strong tradition of using terrorists as role models — especially for children — by naming public places, facilities and events after them. Dalal Mughrabi, who is not known for anything other than her murderous terror attack, is one of the prominent examples of a terrorist who is promoted as a worthy and desirable role model.

The following are named after, or have been named after Dalal Mughrabi in the last two years

1- Education: Two PA Dalal Mughrabi Girls High Schools

2- Education: The Shahida (Martyr) Dalal Mughrabi Computer Center

3- Education: School graduation ceremony named after Mughrabi

4- Sports: Two Shahida (Martyr) Dalal Mughrabi summer camps

5- Sports: The Dalal Mughrabi Football Championship

6- Municipality: The Dalal Mughrabi Square in Al Bira, Ramallah region


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