And the slaughter of Christians by MUSLIMS in Nigeria continues

A group of Nigerian MUSLIMS armed with guns and machetes killed hundreds of Christians, including women and children, in a number of villages near the city of Jos.

Most American news outlets conveniently leave out the fact that it is Muslims killing Christians. I guess on orders of the Muslim POTUS.



One comment on “And the slaughter of Christians by MUSLIMS in Nigeria continues

  1. Once upon a time,Europe, during the dark ages, and now we know why they were the dark ages.

    It took hundreds of years to drive out of Europe The Islamic Murderers.

    It appears, despite the stupidity and the cowardice of modern Europe, the continent is finally reawakening.

    And it appears, in Africa too, Christians are awakening. They too, will have to fight fire with fire, and take an eye for an eye, and a life for a life.

    Islam feeds on the peace makers, so Christianity, as Jesus himself said: “do not think I came with a sword to make peace…” So, Christians around the world if they want to follow the son of God, will have to do as the son of God: rid this toxic evil from the midst of humanity so it will never again rise to threaten the people of the earth, whether in Africa, S. or N. America, Europe, Asia, or Australia.

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