Maybe our standing in the world has gone down because our military strength has

It’s 1938 all over again and like post WWI England and France, America is losing its military superiority, we are obsessed with domestic issues, and our leader (heh) is apologizing for our global role.

Jim Talent. Townhall Magazine, Jan. 2010

The security and vital interests of the U.S. are at greater risk today than they have ever been since communism was threatending Europe in the late ’40’s. We are facing these risks with our own powerin decline-and about to decline further. Consider the following:

* America has no strategy for victory in the War on Terror – we can’t even call it a war on terror anymore – and the momentum has shifted to the jihadists. They are winning in Afghanistan and if they succeed, they can reconstitute their safe havens, plan further attacks on the U.S. (Obama tried to make a deal with the Taliban to give them control of six provinces in return for peace. They turned it down)

* The international regime for controlling nuclear weapons is broken. Pakistan has a substantial and growing nuclear arsenal and its intelligence organization has been penetrated by jihadists. North Korea and Iran are steadily increasing the range, payload and accuracy of their ballistic missiles.

* Russia is reconstituting its power and its empire. Putin has abandoned democracy and vastly increased military spending and is modernizing its submarine fleet, building new ballistic missiles and improving its cyber-weapon capability. Obama rewarded Russia for invading Georgia by abandoning the commitment to missile defense sites in the Czech Republic and Poland.

* According to our Pacific commander, China is increasing its military strength far more quickly than our intelligence predicted. The Chinese have already acquired an arsenal of advanced fighters and missiles capable of denying the American Navy access to the Taiwan Strait. (And does anyone think Obama will honor our agreement to protect Taiwan from Chinese invasion?) By most reports, China has the most sophisticated cyber-warfare capabilities in the world.

* Far more troubling, the American military is significantly weaker that it was at the end of the Cold War. The Army was cut from 18 division to 10 and is short on equipment. The Navy is smaller than it has been since 1916 and continues to shrink. The average age of Air Force inventory is 23 years old. Half our bombers are 50 years old and will not be replaced, if at all, until the 2030’s. The Department of Defense wants to close our most modern aircraft production line and will close our most sophisticated fighter line. The missile defense budget has benn cut. According to most reports, Obama will cut modernization budgets even further.

Since WWII, American power has been the chief deterrent to aggression – the shield under which the tools of siplomacy, trade and engagements have produced unprecedented progress toward freesom and ddemocracy. But the shield is cracking as America’s global influence is being checkmated and rolled back. (thanks to Obama)

What we are witnessing in Korea, Iran, Russia, Persian Gulf, Middle East and Eastern Europe is only the leading edge of a terrible storm – the “first taste” as Churchill said in 1938 “of a bitter cup which will be proferred to us year by year, unless a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigor, we rise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.” (Or we get Obama out of office ASAP)