ANTI-Islamization of Britain: One step forward, two steps back

As residents force council to reject plans for giant mosque next to Sandhurst military academy, first British NON-MUSLIM school will serve strict Islamic-approved HALAL FOOD ONLY.

A controversial plan to build a mosque with two 100ft minarets next to Sandhurst has been scrapped to the jubilation of thousands of residents. The £3million building would have had a clear view over the military academy and is just 400 yards from its parade ground – prompting fears it could be a security threat.

A listed Victorian school building was set to be demolished to make way for the huge Saudi Arabian-style building. More than 6,500 residents signed a petition to oppose the application because of fears it would change the Victorian character of the area.

Hundreds had lined the streets outside to protest against the mosque, waving placards which said ‘Camberley Says No!’ and ‘Hands off Our Heritage!  We Want Justice!’

What the giant mosque would have looked like on its north-east elevation

Planning papers showed that the massive structure would have towered over local buildings. As well as the two minarets, it would have featured a large central dome, five smaller outlying domes, a morgue, a library and a separate worship area for women. It would have overlooked Sandhurst where hundreds of newly-commissioned Army officers take to the parade ground each year for the academy’s passing out ceremony.

The gigantic mosque was the idea of the Bengali Welfare Association, which worships at the al-Kharafi Islamic Centre in Camberley. The Victorian school, built in the 1860s, has been used as an Islamic Centre since 1996.

The giant mosque would have overlooked Sandhurst 400 yards away

John Dixon, a 60-year-old roofing contractor said: ‘The school is a listed building in a local area and it is part of the community’s heritage. They had permission to extend and refurbish the building but that was not enough. They wanted to destroy our heritage.’

Gill Mathews, an animal rescuer, said she had ‘suffered abuse’ for her opposition of the plans. UK DAILY MAIL

A school has become the first non-Islamic primary in Britain to get strict accreditation for serving Halal food.

Although it is a non-faith school, 95 per cent of pupils at Daisyfield Primary School in Blackburn, Lancs are Muslim. In an illustration of the rapidly changing face of Britain, it is the first state, non-Muslim, primary school to get the certificate from the Halal Monitoring Committee. Although many primary schools in the UK serve Halal meat, they are certified only by the Halal Food Authority.

Headmaster Peter Fenton, who received the certificate from local councillor Salim Mulla, said: “I am pleased our self-managed kitchen has been recognised as meeting the standards of the Halal Monitoring Committee for purchase, storage and preparation of our meals.” (IDIOT)

“We hope all schools will follow, so that genuine Halal products are provided to Muslim children, which is a very important part of our faith.”

Tory MP David Davies said it was important for Muslim children that their faiths and beliefs were recognised. (Another IDIOT) But he warned: “It is also important that we allow the full integration of immigrants. Concentration of certain ethnic groups in small areas does not help that.”

The ritual method of slaughter practised in Islam has been criticised by some animal welfare organisations who claim it causes severe suffering to the animals as they bleed to death.

In 2003, an independent advisory group – the Farm Animal Welfare Council – concluded the way Halal meat is produced causes severe suffering to animals. UK EXPRESS

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