Awwwww, but he always seemed like such a nice MUSLIM terrorist

New Jersey man with possible links to al-Qaeda arrested in Yemen after shooting rampage in Yemeni hospital.

23 al Qaeda operatives escaped a maximum security prison in 2006 with inside help

Sharif Mobley, 26, of Buena Borough, N.J., accused of shooting up a Yemeni hospital on Monday, is said to be is a member of Al-Qaeda and a wanted suspect in several terrorist attacks. Mobley is in custody in Yemen after an escape attempt in a deadly hospital rampage that left one guard dead.Yemeni officials charge that the 26 year-old Mobley was planning a terror attack. Mobley was apprehended and hospitalized last week.  In a thwarted escape attempt, Mobley killed a policeman on Sunday as he attempted to shoot his way out of the hospital reports say.

His friends and family expressed shock.

Mobley’s father Charles spoke to NBC40. “We don’t know nothing, we’re trying to hear something,” said Charles Mobley. HIs mother said  and that her son is not a terrorist. Mobley’s parents tell NBC Philadelphia that the accusations are completely false and   their son is a “good Muslim and absolutely not a terrorist.” (Of course he’s not, he’s just misunderstood) They did confirm that FBI agents visited their home and the last time they heard from Sharif was in late January. He was in Yemen at that time. NY EXAMINER


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