GOOD NEWS! Arab League threatens to halt peace talks with Israel

After Israel flipped the bird to Joe Biden and the whole Arab world, the one-sided so-called peace talks that only make demands on Israel, NEVER on the Palestinians, appear to be suspended…

While Iran’s Ahmadinejad continues to threaten Israel’s very existence.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday warned Israel that initiating a new war in the Middle East would not save it from downfall, saying that Israel was a Western prodigy that had now “reached the end of its road.

“See what has become of Israel. They [the West] gathered the most criminal people in the world and stationed them in our region with lies and fabricated scenarios. They waged wars, committed massive aggression… and made millions of people homeless,” he told a crowd of supporters in the provincial capital, Bandar-Abbas.

“Today, it is clear that Israel is the most hated regime in the world… It is not useful for its masters [the West] anymore. They are in doubt now. They wonder whether to continue spending money on this regime or not,” said Ahmadinejad.

“But whether they want it or not, with god’s grace, this regime will be annihilated and Palestinians and other regional nations will be rid of its bad omen,” he added, according to PressTV. al-BAWABA

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