Al-Qaeda is offering $150,000 to murder the Swedish cartoonist for his dog with a Muhammad head cartoon

Lars Vilks is a marked man for blaspheming Islam. But he will not apologize for it, despite the death threats.

Notice how the CNN dhimmis blur out Muhammad’s head in the video. Here’s the picture:




5 comments on “Al-Qaeda is offering $150,000 to murder the Swedish cartoonist for his dog with a Muhammad head cartoon

  1. Fuckin religious twats! Our human race is so stupid & infantile. So many so afraid to admit there are no gods…and so full of those that love to use your fear to take all they can from you!

  2. It seems almost impossible to get religious people, good or bad practitioners of religion, to acknowledge that prayer can be abused. I don’t know what it is exactly that puts people into denial on this topic. I have general ideas such as offending God or offending the beliefs of somwone else. Yet with the evidence to establish that prayer can be terrible sometimes, it’s a wonder that there isn’t more of an outcry on this spiritual routine by some religions.

    Prior to 9/11, the Spindrift Research group that has studied prayer since 1969 produced evidence of negative prayers by people of particular religions. It was true that on a quantitative basis of sending out negative prayers, a segment of the Islamic religionists won the prize. Upon telling people of this finding, virtually no one was interested or it was concluded that Spindrift was just looking for something to complain about conerning religions of the world. After 911, oddly, even with the overt examples of terrorists praying to kill people, only a very few people then took notice. Today, once again, there are few who are interested.

    It’s very simple logic. What we think about is also what we pray about. So if our thoughts are on ways to hurt people we don’t agree with our religion, that is a seed which will grow into mightly trouble potentially for some and the real acts of terror for others.

    By the way, Spindrift deals with prayers that benefit, too. See the Spindrift website connected to this post I understand.

    Oh, Merry Christmas. I wonder what trouble saying that will bring?

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