HIJAB HILLARY thinks Jews building homes in Jerusalem is "insulting to the U.S."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday he must work to repair relations with Washington after a debacle over Jewish settlements that has undermined U.S. efforts to mediate new peace talks with the Palestinians.

Get a clue, Hillary, there will never be a two state solution because the ARabs don’t want two states, they want one state with not a trace of Israel in sight.

Clinton’s blunt language betrayed U.S. frustration after a visit by Vice President Joe Biden was overshadowed by Israel’s approval of new Jewish building on occupied land.

She reminded Netanyahu of the commitments the United States makes to protect Israel from hostile neighbors, her spokesman said. (HAH! The US has never done a damn thing for Israel’s security. If anything the Muslim-in-Chief has put Israel in greater danger than ever)

Terrorist sympathizers of a feather…

On a day when Israeli forces sealed off the West Bank and deployed riot squads around Jerusalem’s holy sites to contain Palestinian anger during weekly Muslim prayers, Clinton called the latest settlement approval a “deeply negative signal about Israel’s approach to the bilateral relationship … and had undermined trust and confidence in the peace process.” (How about Palestinians rioting in the streets, doesn’t that send a negative signal to Hillary? There is no negotiation with terrorists. Israel needs to ban the U.S. from its country while there’s a muslim as POTUS)

Biden’s visit this week had been billed as reassuring the Jewish state that President Barack Obama’s administration would deal with the threat Israel perceives from Iran’s nuclear program — as well as setting the presidential seal on a deal to end a 15-month hiatus in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. (When pigs fly)

Hillary’s been in bed with terrorists from way back

Instead, hours after Biden spoke of Obama’s commitment to Israel’s security in the face of threats from Tehran, Israel’s Interior Ministry gave approval for 1,600 new homes for Jewish settlers in a part of the West Bank annexed to Jerusalem.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, Clinton’s spokesman, P.J. Crowley, said, “The secretary said she could not understand how this happened, particularly in light of the United States’ strong commitment to Israel’s security. (CRAP)

“She made clear that the Israeli government needed to demonstrate not just through words but through specific actions that they are committed to this relationship and to the peace process,” Crowley said, describing Clinton as “frustrated.” REUTERS H/T Weasel Zippers

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Joe Biden’s soft antisemitism

If you’re Israel, there’s nothing like being lectured on your domestic policy by a man who thinks that theUnited States and France kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon. Joe Biden is probably the least-informed man in American politics when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict. That may be because he, likePresident Obama, want to portray some sort of moral equality between the violent and murderous Palestinian Arabs (yes, their population is largely violent and murderous, not just their leadership) and the Israelis, and knowing too much about the conflict would make it difficult to draw that sort of moral parity.

On Monday, Biden said, while visiting Israel, that,

“Yesterday the decision by the Israeli government to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem undermines that very trust, the trust that we need right now in order to begin … profitable negotiations,” blathered Biden.

This is soft anti-Semitism.  I am one of the few American columnists who has called President Obama anti-Semitic based on his consistent association with anti-Semites, his comfort level with their rhetoric, and his obvious anti-Israel bias.  As I wrote in May 2009,

“Obama’s attitude toward Israel demonstrates his belief that the Jews should be held to a higher standard than any other nation – the standard of unrelenting surrender.”

Biden obviously feels the same way. East Jerusalem is Israeli territory, conquered in 1967 and annexed.  No number of specious UN resolutions can trump the basic laws of war that have governed humanity since time immemorial. Israel has every right to build apartment complexes on its own territory. But the Obama Administration feels this “undermines trust.”

What trust, exactly?  The Palestinian Arabs celebrate every suicide bombing, refuse to accept the very existence of the State of Israel, train their children to murder Jews (watch Palestinian TV if you doubt it), and openly announce that they see the peace process as a Trojan Horse. Israel has made concession after concession, and has gained nothing but the blood of its own citizens. Yet the Obama Administration thinks that building apartment complexes is what stops the peace process from moving forward, not the outright hatred of Israel and Jews exhibited on a daily basis by the Palestinian Arabs.

Biden needs to shut his trap – probably an objective more difficult than actually achieving peace between the Arabs and Israel. He knows nothing about the conflict, but even more than that, he knows nothing about the nature of good and evil.  Every time he pushes Israel to concede to evil, he underscores his own soft anti-Semitism and that of the Administration he serves. NEWSREAL

INSTEAD OF SMOOTHING RUFFLED FEATHERS in Jerusalem with interviews to the host media, Vice President Biden snubbed them all and granted the only interview of his trip to the Arabic Al Jazeera TV, whose news content is sharply slanted against Israel, US military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Western war on terror. By signing off his Israel visit with an Al Jazeera interview, Joe Biden made it perfectly clear exactly how he feels about the Jewish state.

U.S. JEWS TO BIDEN: “Leave Jerusalem alone!”

The veteran United States-based Young Israel movement condemned U.S. Vice President Biden on Thursday, telling Biden to leave Jerusalem alone. The American vice president had condemned Israel’s decision to allow Jews to build in historic Jerusalem, in an area that has been annexed by Israel but is claimed by the Palestinian Authority.

“We strongly ‘condemn’ Vice President Biden’s statements and respectfully urge him to rescind his incendiary remarks about Jerusalem,” said Young Israel President Shlomo Mostofsky. “The reality is that there is no such entity as ‘East Jerusalem,’ there is only Jerusalem, which is the united capital of Israel,” Mostofsky continued. “Only Israel can make determinations regarding Jerusalem’s future expansion and development.”

Mostofsky compared the situation to construction of homes in the American capital. “It would be anathema for a Vice President to support a statute that banned any American from relocated to, or from building a home in, Washington D.C. Or  any American community because the neighbors objected to their presence based solely on religion, ethnicity or origin,” he said. By expecting Jews to be banned from certain Jerusalem neighborhoods simply because they are Jewish, Biden ‘ignored our American values of equality and justice,” he charged.

Biden made the mistake of giving the Palestinian Authority a false impression, said Mostofsky. Biden led the PA to believe that America would pressure Israel into negotiating the status of Jerusalem, he said, when in reality, Israelis overwhelmingly oppose putting Jerusalem on the table in talks with the PA.

“Instead of pandering to terrorists, the Vice President should have told the PA to amend its charter, stop preaching hatred in their schools and mosques, and immediately halt all plans for terrorist attacks,” Mostofsky suggested. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

Shouldn’t this old Lebanese hag, Helen Thomas, be dead already?