AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL charges USA of extreme human rights abuses against terrorists

Wouldn’t you know that the biggest Communist & Terrorist sympathizers in the world, Amnesty International, says the U.S. is no better than Iran or China in its record of human rights abuses.

I wish we were more like Iran and China in our treatment of prisoners.

I guess AI must have missed these: Thanks to Chrissie at Theodore’s World

-Not one of these illegal enemy combatant detainee’s who came from Afghanistan had a Qur’an in his possession when captured

-A brand new Qur’an in the specific, native language of each individual was provided to each “enemy combatant”.

-Each illegal enemy combatant detained at Guantanamo is given three nutritious halal meals (culturally-appropriate and in accordance with Islamic dietary law) per day. The meals include all optional condiments.

-Each illegal enemy combatant detainee receives Muslim feast meals at special times in accordance with Muslim feasts and holy periods during the year.

-Each illegal enemy combatant detainee has unrestricted access to Muslim Imams and religious instruction

-Each illegal enemy combatant detainee has a Quibla, a large green and white sign in his cell which points toward Mecca.

-Each illegal enemy combatant detainee hears Islamic loudspeaker calls to prayer five times daily.

-Each illegal enemy combatant detainee received a brand new Muslim prayer cap.

-Each illegal enemy combatant detainee received a brand new prayer rug

-Each illegal enemy combatant detainee received brand new Islamic prayer beads.

– Each illegal enemy combatant detainee received Islamic holy oil.

Each illegal enemy combatant had ALL of this done and paid for him at US taxpayer expense and this is far, far in excess of requirements delineated by Geneva Convention Cat. III protocols on the treatment of Prisoners of War.