Diane Sawyer reports on the abject abuse of women in Afghanistan

Of course, they claim that this has nothing to do with Islam and the report never mentions the I (Islam) or M (Muslim) words, but we know the truth.

What Muslims did to this young girl, Bebe, is beyond outrageous and disgusting. Not only did they force her to marry at age twelve, but look at what her husband, Talib, did to her. The video is important because its shows us the barbarism of Islam and how America rescues the religion’s victims. The generosity and kindness of American surgeons–both in our military and throughout the country speaks volumes about the kind of country we are, versus the religion that Islam is.  (Oh, and it also shows how the JOOOS rescue them. This secret shelter for women is run by a Jewish American woman, Esther Hyneman, along with an Afghan woman, Manizha.) H/T Debbie Schlussel