NYC MUSLIM street vendor lies – He didn't go to pee, he went to pray

“Hell no, we have to go.” (I agree, they have to go, go back where they came from)

MUSLIM Street vendors were fighting for their right to potty pray yesterday, rallying outside the city Department of Health’s headquarters in Manhattan to protest a crackdown on long bathroom breaks with signs proclaiming, “We need to pee pray like everyone else.”

As the Post reported yesterday, when longtime nut vendor Shiraj Islam took a bathroom break last week, health inspectors took away his cart’s permit, claiming he shouldn’t have left it unattended for so long.

“I just want my permit back so I can care for my family,” said Islam, 42, a father of four, who’s been losing $150 a day since the incident.

Islam said that in years past, he would rarely take breaks. But since getting diagnosed with a tumor on his colon, he has to run to the bathroom more frequently. (Riiiiiight. Lying sackoshit)

“When I left my cart, I wasn’t feeling too well,” he said. “Then my doctor called me and said I have to have an operation to fix the problem.”

Revised health codes that went into effect Jan. 1 deem any food left in unattended carts an “imminent health hazard.” (Actually, it’s the Muslims running these carts that should be declared the health hazard)

Vendor Alen Kifle called the new law “disrespectful. (Ah Hah! Here it comes, “disrespectful to Allah”)

“You’re out there for between eight and 10 hours a day, so you have to use the bathroom PRAY two or three times,” he said.

Health officials say vendors are urged to have someone watch their carts during breaks but are allowed to leave them unattended for a short amount of time, roughly 15 to 20 minutes. Islam, however, abandoned his cart for well over 30 minutes, they said. NY POST

FILTHY HALAL FOOD VENDOR ( The stink coming from these carts is nauseating)

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