"Christians will burn in Hellfire." says 6-year-old jihadist-in-training son of American terror mom

He was being turned into a baby bomber. The 6-year-old son of a Colorado woman who ran off to Ireland to join a terrorist murder cell was brainwashed into a hate-filled Islamic fundamentalist zombie, his family said.

“He said that Christians will burn in hellfire,” the child’s grandmother, Christine Mott, told The Post. “That’s what they are teaching this baby.”

The boy’s mom, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, 31, converted to Islam over the last year. Her family said she struck up an Internet friendship with another Colorado radical, Najibullah Zazi, an al Qaeda associate who pleaded guilty last month in a plot to set off bombs in the New York subway system.

Her conversion was so complete, Paulin-Ramirez changed her son’s name from Christian to the Islamic name Walid after enrolling him in a fire-breathing Muslim school in Ireland. The terror mom’s stepfather, George Mott, said he talked by phone once with the boy at the school and the boy said: “We are building pipes [pipe bombs], like the Fourth of July!”

Paulin-Ramirez ditched her life in the Rocky Mountain city of Leadville, Colo., last September, and allegedly joined a small group of radical Islamists in Ireland who planned to claim a $100,000 al Qaeda bounty by killing a Swedish cartoonist who drew the prophet Mohammed as a dog.

She was arrested Tuesday in a series of raids in the cities of Waterford and Cork, along with other members of the group. They included Colleen LaRose, 46, of Pennsylvania, another blond American woman who called herself “JihadJane” and has been in custody since October.

The Colorado woman’s parents believe she was recruited by LaRose, who they say introduced her to her Algerian husband. Paulin-Ramirez was released by Irish authorities yesterday, although charges may still be forthcoming, said a spokesman for the Irish police.

Her son, who was affectionately known to his grandmother as “Baby Huey,” occasionally contacted relatives in Colorado — and what he said stunned relatives. “I talked to Huey on Monday. He said they taught him how to shoot a gun,” Christine Mott said. “They taught him how to kick and fight . . . We’re Democrats. We won’t even buy him a toy gun.”

Christine said that she became estranged from her daughter who sank into the radical Islamic lifestyle. But as the boy’s brainwashing became apparent, Mott confronted Paulin-Ramirez. “When Huey said, ‘Christians will burn in hell,’ I told Jamie, ‘I’m sick and tired of this hate for Christians.’ Jamie said, ‘It’s the truth.’

“The boy was not allowed to associate with non-Muslim children, and he gets beat up by the Muslim kids because they know he’s not one of them,” she added. George Mott, is himself a Muslim convert who speaks Arabic. He said that once as he talked to the boy on the phone, he could hear a Jihadi recruitment tape playing in the background talking of death to Zionists and America. “He has not been in school since they left there,” George said. “He’s in an Islamic school. They’re teaching him hate.”

As she began to become more deeply involved with Islam last summer, Paulin-Ramirez hit it off with failed terror bomber Zazi. “When I saw him [Zazi] on TV, I said ‘That’s the fool Jamie’s been talking with,’ ” George said. “She was on the line with Zazi and also with ‘JihadJane,’ all talking at the same time.”

Paulin-Ramirez befriended a Pakistani man over the Internet, and offered to help him come to the United States to take flying lessons. NY POST