Did you know that the man charged with savagely beating a nurse in a Manhattan bar is a MUSLIM?

Not if you go by all the accounts of the crime offered in the U.S. media. Do you think that because it happened in bar, he couldn’t be a Muslim?

Even the right-leaning New York Post leaves out this piece of information about the “suspect.”

Fortunately, our friends at the The Opinionator offer a more accurate portrait of the assailant.

Muslim savagely beats and attempts rape of NYC nurse for “dissing” him

Looks like the United States is beginning to resemble Sweden , Germany and Great Britain when it comes to the muslim rape of kuffar women. Women are often beaten and raped for the “offense” of wearing western clothes or – as in the case below – “dissing” the physical advances of a muslim man.Moroccan Muslim Mbarek Lafrem

“The victim, a 29-year-old pediatric nurse at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, suffered fractures to her nose, eye socket and skull and required 50 stitches to her face in the vicious assault at the pub early Thursday morning.

(Moroccan National) Mbarek Lafrem admitted he had tried to cut in while the woman was dancing with another man but she rebuffed him. He said he was drunk and angry, and when she went to the bathroom, he followed her in and brutally beat her, the sources said.

She was found lying unconscious with her pants down.”

Muslim men clearly can’t control their genitals or their hatred of women who do not show Quranic submission as Islam is at the core of why muslim men rape and disrespect the “infidel” women.

A few (far from complete) statements of what the Religion of Peace teaches muslim men about the worth of women and the raping of the kuffar (non-Muslims):

–“Islam gives an open license to Muslim men to have sexual intercourse with women as long as these women are not Muslims and/or when these Muslim men are living in an infidel country.” Link

–Islamic courts judge raped women- not as victimsbut as adulterers.

–Islam and paedophilia

–Women/girls not wearing headscarves or dressing in Western clothing are “asking for rape”

–In Islam there is no such thing as rape

–and How Sharia Law punishes raped women

One wonders if the United States media will also remain silent – as they do in Europe & Australia in regards to the exploding numbers of rapes of  ‘infidel’ women by muslim men.

In what could be seen as the greatest betrayal of women women’s rights groups are not speaking out preferring to hide behind passive ‘multicultural benevolence’ rather than being outspoken against muslim male violence against womenworldwide.

Meanwhile women are paying a high price for Western countries dhimmified embracing and acceptance of multiculturalism.

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