UK court erupts as judge cages Muslim attackers

A  judge sent the perpetrators of the Robert Dyson attack, Sohail Hussain, 19, and 20-year-old Ali Mushtaq to a young offenders’ institution. Supporters of Hussain & Mushtage shouted abuse at the judge when the sentence was read.

“As Judge James Spencer QC sentenced Hussain to three-and-a-half years and Mushtaq to 12 months, supporters started kicking their feet against wooden benches in the public gallery at Leeds Crown Court. One man banged his fists repeatedly on a table and a woman stood up and shouted: “This is not justice, this is bull****.” The supporters then fled court, some in tears.

TWO young Asian men were locked up for an unprovoked attack on a white man walking home through Savile Town. Supporters shouted abuse at the judge as Sohail Hussain, 19, and 20-year-old Ali Mushtaq were sent to a young offenders’ institution.

The police deny that the ‘muslim enriched’ Savile Town area of Dewsbury has become a no-go area for white people – even in light of a string of brutal assaults:

“On Saturday night a white teenage boy was attacked and beaten (knocked to the ground and kicked) by a gang of Asians MUSLIMS some wearing masks. The victim, thought to be about 18, was walking in Savile Road, near the old cricket ground, when he was followed by a gang of about 10 Asian MUSLIM youths, all wearing hoodies. Fortunately a couple came along and forced the attackers to run off.

The woman, who lives in Thornhill Lees, said the boy told them the gang had followed him and told him to “run”. When he tried to ignore them they came after him and one said: “No one walks through Savile Town.”

ONE day later a man called to report ‘Asians” MUSLIMS were throwing stones at cars passing on Savile Road – cars being driven by WHITE drivers. They were just targeting white drivers,” said Mr Cutler. “As far as I’m concerned it’s racist and it needs to be reported – while he was calling police another WHITE British man pulled up to complain of the same.

Recently Robert Dyson was walking home on Savile Road and was attacked by an “Asian” MUSLIM gang – he required medical treatment for his head and face injuries.

Muslim disrespect of the English Courts is getting to be rather commonplace and of course, these muslim supporters received NO rebuke or punishment for their insults and abuse.

Judge Spencer went on to make the most ludicrous of rulings: “A racial motive was ruled out by the court because the attackers were too drunk to know what they were doing.”

What? – this make NO sense! – So, based on a biased observation by the Defense attorney (who was not at the scene of the crimes), the Judge is telling us that Hussain & Mushtaq were not too drunk to arm themselves with knuckle dusters and commit the unprovoked violent offenses against Robert Dyson – but they WERE too drunk have a racial motive for the unprovoked violent assault on the lone white man. This is despite the fact that witnesses described the assaults otherwise.

Another ‘stellar’ example of a British judicial muslim apologist.

Would seem the most glaring absence in muslim ‘no-go areas’ continues to be police & judicial honesty. The Opinionator