Why won't they call the "Africans" who savagely beat up a man in a wheelchair what they are – MUSLIMS?

Canadian man confined to a wheelchair visiting Australia has had his scull fractured from being been stomped on and bashed with metal bars by two teenage immigrants in an unprovoked attack at a train station in Sydney.

The media in cahoots with the police are saying the assailants might be “Pacific Islanders.” My source in Australia says BS.

Chief Inspector Wayne McMahon says they insulted him before attacking him.

“[A] punch to the head which has knocked him clean out of his wheelchair,” he said.

“Whereupon they’ve then started to stomp on his body whilst he’s covering up in the lift well.”

Inspector McMahon says they broke a metal pole off the victim’s wheelchair and bashed him with it.

They “verbally intimidated” him, so he tried to leave by a lift at the station, police said. But one of the youths allegedly punched him in the face, knocking him out of his wheelchair. The teenagers allegedly then stomped on Proden and hit him on the head and body with metal bars, including one from his wheelchair. The teens ran away with Proden’s belongings and wheelchair, police said, but returned later — and repeatedly — to resume beating him. Proden remains in a hospital northeast of Sydney, where he was being prepared for surgery on Thursday morning to treat severe cuts on his head and a fractured skull. CBC

AFRICAN CRIME RATES ARE BEING FORCED ON US BY MULTICULTURALISM The brutal bashing of an young man at Sunshine train station, in Melbourne, has once again highlighted the problems of crime associated with the immigration of large numbers of black Africans into Australia. Herald Sun revealed that whilst the general rate of alleged crimes was 1 in 85, the rate for Somali MUSLIMS was 1 in 23.