DUTCH MUSLIMS are shocked, just shocked, at the soaring popularity of ANTI-ISLAM leaders

Dutch Muslims, in a city where the party of anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders won local elections, reacted with shock and anger  fearing his victory would fan animosity. (No, it’s Muslim behavior that fans animosity)

“I am afraid that it will lead to more hatred,” said 20-year-old student Sakina Buyatui. (No it won’t, we already hate you as much as we can)

In a show of strength ahead of June general elections, Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) came first with 21.6 percent of the vote in Almere in Wednesday’s poll.

“This is bad for Almere,” said Buyatui, wearing an Islamic headscarf at the central station, where people of Turkish, Moroccan and Suriname descent, called “allochtonen” in Dutch, rub shoulders seamlessly with indigenous compatriots. “It is terrible,” agreed 35-year-old computer sciences student Kadriye Kacar, born in the Netherlands like her parents and grandparents, who were of Turkish descent.

Dutch film maker, Theo Van Gogh, slaughtered in the street by a Muslim for making a film that showed the truth about Islam

“I don’t wear a headscarf normally,” she added, “but I have decided to start doing so now out of protest. Other people in my community are planning to do the same; we will protest until Wilders is gone.” (That’s good, you’ll be an easier target that way)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who worked on the film with Van Gogh has been forced to leave the Netherlands because of Muslim death threats

“People are looking at us in a new way today as if they are thinking: ‘We won and you are leaving’. (One can only hope)

Wilders has 24/7 security because of all the Muslim death threats

The far-right swing was a hot topic in Almere, where women in headscarves and long, traditional gowns huddled in small groups on the main shopping street and Wilders’ name could be heard spat out in disgust. (Get used to it, or even better, leave)

Wilders campaigns for a ban on headscarves for public servants, a halt to immigration from Muslim countries and a moratorium on the erection of mosques in his bid to “stop the Islamisation of the Netherlands.”

Henny Kreeft, leader of the Dutch Muslim Party, described Wilders’ victory as “very, very sad”. Wilders’ success “is based on a fear behind which there is no truth,” (Riiiiight) Kreeft told AFP. “Mr Wilders has been spewing a whole lot of nonsense about Islamisation and security: the more people heard it I suppose the more they thought it was true.” (DUH)

Some polls suggest the PVV is now the most popular party in the Netherlands, traditionally seen as a bastion of tolerance. (It is except against a group of Muslim barbarians who have no tolerance for anyone else) “Wilders is creating hatred, he is going too far,” a woman with a headscarf told AFP, declining to identify herself.

Wilders' film FITNA

“This could become a serious problem,” added 48-year-old Muslim businessman Walli Hyrat. “It is very difficult to take the headscarf away from Muslim people.” (Then go home to where its accepted)

But one 19-year-old waiter,”Too much attention and resources are spent on Muslims,” he said. “I have to work here to earn money for my studies,” he added. “I don’t get any help because the leftist parties in government reserve all that for the poor, most of whom are Muslims.”

Muslims burning Dutch flag

Another Wilders supporter, a 62-year-old pensioner, said his concern was for security. “We are afraid of walking alone in places where groups of young Muslims hang around looking for trouble,” he said. “Wilders will give us commandos to patrol the city and will ensure that repeat offenders are put out of the Netherlands.” AFP

Muslim NO-GO ares in the Netherlands

Mayor Ties Elzenga of Veenendaal has advised his residents to avoid certain MUSLIM areas in the town due to a series of violentmuggings. The victims were stripped and assaulted. Police are speaking of a new form of violence. “A combination of robbery and brutal humiliation,” said a spokesman. “One man was stripped of his clothing, dragged to the train rails and robbed of his bankcard. Another has a knife-wound which hit a lung, and will have to stay in hospital for some days

The Christian democrat (CDA) mayor and social workers held talks Wednesday evening with the Moroccan community. “It was agreed that the Imam will pay attention to it in Friday’s prayers,” said the mayor’s spokesman. (Yeah that’ll help. NOT) NISNEWS

UPDATE: Netherlands: Mosque smeared with blood

A mosque in the Selwerd neighborhood of Groningen was smeared with blood Tuesday night, police reports. In addition to the blood, animal innards and the head of a wild board were found by the mosque. ISLAM IN EUROPE