Pre-emptive Strike: Oklahoma House passes amendment that would BAN SHARI'A LAW

What a shame we even have to do this in America. Too bad the Federal government hasn’t.

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 15, 2010) – State lawmakers have voted to allow Oklahoma voters to prevent judicial rulings in foreign countries from impacting local court decisions through approval of the “Save Our State” constitutional amendment. The proposed amendment would prohibit all Oklahoma courts from considering the legal precepts of other nations or cultures, even in cases of first impression.

House Joint Resolution 1056, by state Rep. Rex Duncan, would allow Oklahomans to vote to amend the Oklahoma Constitution to require the courts to “uphold and adhere to the law” as provided in the United States Constitution, the Oklahoma Constitution, the United States Code and federal regulations, Oklahoma Statutes and rules, and established common law.

“Unfortunately, some judges in other states and on the federal bench (Ruth Bader Ginsberqa) have begun to cite international law in their court decisions, effectively undermining our own democratic system of government,” said Duncan, a Sand Springs Republican and attorney who chairs the House Judiciary Committee. “Our nation’s laws were developed through a democratic process and should not be undermined by haphazard reliance on foreign rulings developed in autocratic societies. Oklahoma court decisions should be based on the U.S. Constitution, Oklahoma Constitution, and our state and national laws – period.”

House Joint Resolution 1056 passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives on a 91-2 vote. It now proceeds to the Senate. If the measure is approved in the Senate, it could then go to the voters this year. LINK

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