"Let me be clear…the U.S. will continue to push for harder sanctions AGAINST Israel"

Barack Obama’s bitch, Hillary Clinton, speaking to the AIPAC conference, reiterates that Israel’s construction of homes for Jews undermines peace around the world.

Why the Hell did AIPAC even allow this Palestinian terrorist apologist to speak?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has refused to back down to Israel’s insistence on building for Jews in all of Jerusalem and charged that construction projects undermine “America’s unique ability to play a role — an essential role, I might add — in the peace process.” Her speech indicates that the Obama administration intends to back PA demands over Jerusalem and limit, if not eliminate, “negotiations” over the status of the city which Israel’s government says will not be divided again.

Secretary Clinton did not refer to building for Arabs in the capital, which the United States wants to see as the seat of a future Palestinian Authority state. The American government does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel because of Israel’s declared sovereignty over the united city. READ MORE: ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS