MUSLIM threatens Kansas Legislature: "Convert or die"

So what happened to ‘There is no compulsion in Islam?’

The FBI and Homeland Security are presently investigating a series of emails sent by a Dallas-area Muslim, Javid Kamal, to Kansas legislators over the past month. Legislators in other states have also received emails.

What has investigators concerned is that the last email dated March 21st from Kamal appears to be a “final call to Islam” that under Islamic law is necessary before waging jihad against non-Muslims. Kamal explicitly states that this was his “final call”:

This is perhaps my last email to Senators, House of Representatives/Delegates/Assembly and Staff Members of United States of America unless compelled by any people.

A former FBI counter-terrorism agent who was asked to analyze Kamal’s emails stated:

This is a significant danger because of the requirement in Islam to invite (“Dawah” in Islam) non-Muslims to Islam prior to an attack (“Jihad” in Islam). It is my professional opinion that this direct Dawah to the entire Kansas legislature and the emphasis that Monday’s email is Javid Kamal’s “final” email inviting them to Islam, is a direct threat to the Kansas legislature and others to which Kamal communicated, and is a prelude to a jihadi attack.

Oh, did I forget to mention that when the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) went to Kamal’s workplace earlier this week to question him about the emails, they discovered that not only was Javid Kamal not at work, nor could he be located, but also no one, including his family, knows his whereabouts?

CAIR press release claiming religious discrimination against Kamal in 4…3…2… H/T JAWA

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