Hey Obama, Israel will decisively defeat Iran even without your permission


The secrecy of Israel’s missile program parallels that of its nuclear weapons program. Even the name of the missile program is disputed. The “Jericho” designation is reported by some analysts to be the original name given to the contract signed between France and Israel.

1.Israel has more than 200 atomic devices vs Iran which may have 1 soon.Even if Iran bought nuclear devices from other rogue states, the retaliation from Israel would be the equivalent of 2,000 plus hiroshimas.

2.The 200 plus Israeli atomic devices are unstoppable by Iran i.e. up to 80 can be launched by submarines and the rest by ICBM or F-15s or F-16s

3.Israel has the world?s most advanced anti-ICBM missle umbrella which may be impenetrable by Iranian Shahib missles. Iran can only deliver their 1-2 atomic warheads by ICBMs with no other delivery capabilities.

4.Israel has a satellite system with multiple types of spy satellites which have reached the limit of possible resolution (defraction limit) generally thought to be about 10 centimeters and their satellite system is all weather. Together with their advanced UAV capabilities , this allows Israel to possess the most detailed photos and real-time imaging of all Iranian military installations .

5.The military technologic difference between Israel and Iran is wide.
Israel has about 10% of the world-wide arms export market which based solely on merit and immensely competitive. IF anything, it is nothing short of a miracle and a tremendous tribute to Israel (jewish ) expertise that they sell to so many countries which never take the side of Israel in any dispute. There are those ,who imply much of Israel?s technological edge is due to massive American aid. However, that aid also has restrained the development of Israeli military technology. American military contractors regularly and understandably, attempt to undermine Israeli sale of military technology when it is in direct competition with American contractors? efforts to sell abroad.

Iran sells nothing in world wide arms market. Their highly publicized Shahib 3 missle is nothing but a supped up version of the the 63 year old V2 Nazi ballistic missle. Israel supplies Israeli-developed military technology to most of the world?s top militaries including the USA, India, and China. China’s J10 fighter is thought to be modeled on Israel?s Lavi.,the Israeli developed Jet fight.

In terms of MBTs, Israel possesses 1500 consisting entirely of the modern highly regarded Merkava. Iran has approx. 500 all obsolete models including the T 72. In front-line aircraft Israel has approximately 800 with more than 500 being upgraded F15s and F16s. Israel also possesses in air refueling capabilities. Iran has about 250 front-line combat aircraft consisting mostly of obsolete older US and Russian fighters. It has no known in air refueling capability.Israel also is way ahead in production and use of UAVs and sells various models to many countries including Great Britain. There are other areas of military technology Israel is far more advanced than Iran.

Everyone continues to accept the fallacy Israel due to it’s size would suffer more destruction than Iran in any nuclear exchange.

This is totally inaccurate for several reasons. Israel’s arsenal of nuclear weapons contains thermonuclear weapons despite what French Strategy believes. The father of the H bomb Edward Teller, actually spent time in Israel assisting them with the beginning of their nuclear weapons program including the goal of having thermonuclear weapons.

While Israel is the only nation to have a nationwide anti-ballistic missle defense system, it is true that , as of now , it is definitely possible Iran could still have some of their missiles land in Israel. However, according to Anthony Cordesman ’s  review of the results of a possible nuclear exchange, Iran would definitely suffer much more damage. The yield of Israel’s arsenal is much, much greater than anything Iran could develop in the near future. Israel could also expand it’s arsenal at the same rate or even at a greater rate than Iran.

Israel is a world leader in high technology. It has the most companies on NASDAQ , the listing of the top high tech companies in the world , except for the US. It is also a world leader in the computer field. Those who believe Israel’s high tech sector is just due to the yearly military aid from the US couldn’t be more wrong. Although Iran is much larger than Israel the majority of Iran’s industry is concentrated in Tehran. Tehran is located in a bowl. It is almost perfected situated to suffer maximum damage from a nuclear strike.  Israel also has a second strike capability with their 5 Dolphin submarines. This would not only be a second strike which Iran would have immense difficulty defending against. It also guarantees , if other neighboring countries attempt to attack Israel, they would also suffer nuclear strikes.