DIRTY BOMB BLANKIES: Instead of treating Muslim terrorists as terrorists, we are handing out blankets as protection from dirty bomb attacks

When you have a MUSLIM in the White House, you have to worry about giving Muslim terrorists their rights instead of protecting American citizens from terrorist attacks.

Some of New York’s newest high tech weapons in the war on terror are blankets made of state-of-the-art material that can protect civilians and rescuers AFTER chemical, biological and radiological attacks.

The shield and vests would be used by first responders. The blankets come in two models. One would be thrown over radiation victims to keep them from irradiating others. Also in the depart ment’s arsenal is a “Hi-Energy Nuclear Suppression Blanket,” designed to be placed over a dirty bomb about to go off.

It has twice the capabilities of a standard bomb blanket in reducing the force of a blast. It also traps chemical, biological and nuclear agents, reducing by more than half the distance they can spread, said Ronald DeMeo, CEO of Radiation Shield Technologies.

All of the new equipment is made of Demron, a state-of-the-art fabric blend that blocks chemical, biological and nuclear agents, according to DeMeo. “If you talk about terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, you’re talking about biological, chemical and nuclear devices,” he said.

Firefighters in Manhattan’s HazMat 1 team are already equipped with both types of blankets, according to Deputy Chief Nicholas Del Re, head of the city’s HazMat units. He said the FDNY plans to purchase more protective blankets for HazMat crews throughout the city.

“It doesn’t completely eliminate the risk, but it certainly reduces the risk,” he said. NY POST