Look which VIRGINIA politicians are supporting RADICAL MUSLIM JIHADISTS

These Virginia elected officials have refused to have their names removed from an invitation for a fundraiser for the AL-QAEDA linked Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center.

The Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center is holding their annual fundraiser on Saturday April 3, and they advertise the event using the names of seven Virginia elected officials as invited guests. We decided to make sure they knew that their good names were being used to raise money for a terrorist-linked organization, and to find out whether they really did plan on attending the banquet. Two of the seven had their names removed, the other five as seen below did not. securefreedom H/T OCCIDENTAL SOAPBOX

GOV. TIM KAINE (Chairman of the National Democratic Committee)

Rep. Gerry Connolly

Rep. Jim Moran

Supv. Penny Gross

Chm. Sharon Bulova