Arabs are all huffy because they don't have their own "Negro" box on the census form

Arabs/Muslims don’t like being lumped in with infidel White people and would sooner cut their own throats than call themselves Black. No, they want their own special designation.

OK, then, how about “Wearers of Headrags who haven’t contributed anything of value to society in the last 100 years but prefer to wrap themselves in the seductive melodrama of eternal struggle and death?” Well, that’s a bit of a mouthful even for the bureaucratic Census goons, so how about this: “Adjacent Jew-Haters?”

Acording to a report in NPR,  if you are Arab-American you might be left scratching your head because there is no special category for individuals of Arab or Middle Eastern decent, you must check white. And some Arab-American representatives think that is a problem. Abed Ayoub, legal advisor for the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is one of those who thinks that’s a problem.

But the government’s definition of white is, quote, ‘a person having origins in any of the original people’s of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.’  So by that definition, people of the Middle East are white. Why is that a problem?  (After all, there is an OTHER Box for ‘others’)

Mr. AYOUB says, “Well, this affects us in many ways, including opportunities for public funding, for government funding for minority programs, things such as ESL programs in highly concentrated areas will be affected. Private funding, you know, in different foundations and grant givers are looking towards giving for minority group. Well, if they don’t see a highly concentrated Arab-American community, we could lose out on (all those government freebies).

But the main reason we need this is, hate crimes against Arab-Americans post-9/11 has drastically increased.(No it hasn’t, the FBI reports that hate crimes against Muslims have dropped significantly since 9/11 and are far fewer than hate crimes against Jews) And the FBI is not keeping statistics on these hate crimes. And we’re being told they don’t keep statistics because of the fact census does not keep count of Arab-Americans. So, we got no way of telling how many hate crimes have been committed against Arab-Americans. (Oh yes you do, Terrorist Front Group CAIR concocts stories about Muslim hate crimes nearly on a daily basis.)