Barack HUSSEIN Obama backs Palestinian violence against Jews

The American MUSLIM-IN-CHIEF has encouraged “resistance” by Palestinians to protest Israel’s presence in its own capitol, Jerusalem.

A senior PA official claims that the Obama administration backs pro-PA rallies (often violent) in Jerusalem. The claim was reported by investigative journalist Aaron Klein of World Net Daily.

According to the official, United States diplomats have encouraged Arabs to protest in parts of Israel’s capital in order to pressure Israel to evacuate neighborhoods. The US administration does not recognize Israel’s claim to key parts of the capital, including much of eastern and northern Jerusalem as well as the Old City and City of David.

The US recently sharply criticized Israel for allowing construction in Ramat Shlomo, a Jewish neighborhood of northern Jerusalem.

It was not clear whether the PA official who spoke to WND saw the Obama administration officials as supporting peaceful rallies, or the violent riots that are much more common in the city. Riots have been particularly common in recent days, following the rededication of the Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem and PA leaders’ subsequent claims that Israel is threatening the Al-Aksa mosque.

The Palestinians claim eastern Jerusalem as their future capital, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made clear he does not intend to give up the Jewish sections of the city. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS