Retired FDNY lieutenant arrested for calling a Muslim a "f****** terrorist"

I wonder how many of his FDNY brothers he lost on 9/11?

A retired FDNY lieutenant was arrested for calling a Muslim Queens man a “terrorist” and spitting on him as they argued on an Astoria street last summer, said a spokeswoman for DA Richard Brown.

Former firefighter Gerald Duffy allegedly blew his stack after he rolled through a stop sign at 25th Avenue and 41st Street the afternoon of Aug. 7 and nearly ran into Toufik Sadouki, who was walking to afternoon prayer, cops said.

“What’s your problem? Don’t you stop at the stop sign?” Sadouki shouted at Duffy, who then allegedly unleashed a litany of bigoted slurs at the man. “I don’t have to stop for you, you f- – -ing terrorist,” Duffy told the cabdriver, who was wearing religious garbed, according to court papers. “You’re Taliban,” he snarled at the bearded man who emigrated from Algeria 20 years ago.

Duffy, 46, then allegedly got out of his car, spit on Sadouki and pushed him. Sadouki told The Post that he spit back at Duffy in retaliation, but did not tussle with Duffy. (So why wasn’t the Muslim arrested too?)

They all look like the 9/11 terrorists especially when they are praying "Allah Akbar"

“I was trying to avoid the fight because I was on my way to pray. It’s against our religion to fight with people,” he said. Two pals came to his aide and Duffy got back into his car, said Sadouki, 38.But the hotheaded Duffy re-emerged from his car and grabbed Sadouki’s kufi, a traditional hat. “Don’t put that on the ground. It’s a religious matter. If you do, there will be trouble,” Sadouki told the ex-firefighter.

Witnesses wrote down Duffy’s plate number, and detectives were finally able to track down the Long Island resident. Sadouki picked him out of a line-up Friday. Duffy was arraigned that night on charges of aggravated harassment.

Sadouki said: “Honestly, I want to go back home. I am a guest in this country. He’s a maniac.” NY POST

Don’t let the door hit you in your Muslim terrorist ass.

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