South African genocide…..of white people

I guess charges of apartheid only apply when it is whites against blacks. Or when “imaginary” charges of apartheid are leveled at Jews for retaliating against Muslims who are trying to destroy their nation.


White South Africans (Afrikaners), the ‘white tribe of Africa’ is battening down the hatches and preparing for the final onslaught against the rights of all ethno-Europeans to even be allowed to live on the African continent. The racist slogan ‘Africa for the Africans’ now specifically targets white Afrikaners for all-out increasingly ferocious genocidal attacks.


The battle-lines for a final show-down have been drawn in South Africa: the country’s 3-million Afrikaners now live in a state of constant siege and 1-million are destitute and marginalised economically and politically. In the country of their birth and their forefathers, the vast majority of Afrikaner families now are unable to move safely between their homes, their schools, shops, their churches and their places of public business without first having to take the most extensive security measures on the planet. The country has more than 1-million private security guards and only 270,000 police officers who are increasingly antagonistic towards Afrikaners.


The country’s best-educated people now are falling into destitution and increasingly unable to raise their next generation because of the ANC regime’s deliberateeĀ barring this most visible, best-educated minority in South Africa from accessing any part of the job-sector — and now increasingly also disowning all the country’s food-producing farms by a plethora of anti-white laws. Afrikaners are increasingly being forced into marginal lands such as the desert regions of the Northern Cape.


And this growing genocidal process occurs at exactly the same time when many hundreds of thousands of destitute black
Africans also are
invading the European continent with the thousands of waterlogged refugee boats — and are being given sanctuary and legalized access to the entire European continent’s resources – access which is being constantly denied to the besieged Afrikaners of southern Africa. This contrast between the humane way Europeans treat African refugees and the way black South Africans are treating the Afrikaner minority in their midst, is indeed becoming very stark. LINK