There are MUSLIMS IN POLAND, too?

Not many, but apparently the Poles aren’t taking any chances. They are out protesting the construction of a second mosque in Warsaw.

Warsaw – Dozens of people rallied on Saturday in Warsaw to protest plans by the country’s Muslim community to build a second mosque in the city. Poland’s Muslim population, though growing, is still tiny and such protests are unusual. The event offered evidence that anxieties gripping the rest of Europe are now also taking root in this former communist country, as well.

The emotional rally drew a small group of counter-protesters. Police formed a barrier between the two sides, which had gathered at the mosque’s construction site in an outlying Warsaw neighbourhood.

The anti-mosque protesters said they feared that radical Muslims would use the mosque to gain a foothold in Polish society. They were particularly disturbed by rumours that Saudi money is funding it – a claim that could not be immediately confirmed. “We oppose a mosque built with Saudi money when it’s illegal to have a Bible or cross in Saudi Arabia,” said Rafal Zak, a 31-year-old real estate agent. (A policy we all should enforce)

The protesters chanted “Radical Islam, no thanks” and held up banners saying “Stop the Radicals” and “Political Islam is threat to Europe.” NEWS 24

Maybe this is payback for the beheading of the Polish engineer by the Pakistan Taliban.

The man was just a surveyor for a Polish geophysics institute who ended up being taken hostage by Taliban Islamic fundamentalists, Muslims who follow word for word what the prophet of Islam commanded his followers.  Qur’an:9:5: “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

The video appears to show the Polish hostage, Piotr Stanczak, sitting on the floor flanked by two masked men. Off camera, a militant briefly engages him in conversation before three others behead him. The video is so horrifying that some news wire agencies chose not to distribute the images. (Sorry, I was not able to locate the footage of the actual beheading part anywhere)