Mayor of New York City decides street crime is a bigger threat than terrorism

First the Surrender Monkey-in-Chief destroys our national security.  Now NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg opts to move anti-terrorism officers to high-crime neighborhoods. City residents fuming.

Hard hit by budget cuts the NYPD has decided to fight spiking crime rates by reassigning anti-terror cops to street patrols in tough neighborhoods. But not everyone thinks shifting patrols is a good idea. Outside the Empire State Building, one of the top terror targets in the city, some New Yorkers were outraged by the shift and had some strong words for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“He’s cutting down? Hmm … why is that a bad thing?” said Francisco Santos of East New York. “Because we might get bombed again? Yeah, definitely consider it a bad thing.”  “I think it’s bad because you have to get protected. We have to be protected,” said Maribel Garcia of the Upper West Side. “Bad decision. We still need to be up on that terrorist alert. I think that he should take a second thought onto it,” said Martha Deanfrasio.

NO MORE-NYPD officers conduct anti-terror training drill

But faced with budget cuts that risk turning the NYPD blue into the NYPD few, up to 20 percent of the cops assigned to guard city landmarks and scare terrorists are being shifted to crime patrols. CBS 2 HD asked Bloomberg if any terror targets would go uncovered.
“We think that we have coverage where it should be, but it’s the sort of thing that unless you put a cop in front of every building 24 hours a day seven days a week you can always have done more and that’s not the reality,” Bloomberg said.


The anti-terror cops are being reassigned to cope with surging crime rates — murder up 22 percent so far this year, shootings up 19 percent. (Rudy Guiliani wouldn’t have let this happen. Bloomberg undid all Guiliani’s anti-crime work) The NYPD said this is not the first time it has shifted the terror squad to other duties, but it comes as the Department has undergone a huge drop in manpower.

The number of cops have plummeted from nearly 41,000 in the year 2000 to 35,000 now and it could drop to somewhere in the 32,000 range if the mayor doesn’t get help from Albany. If Mayor Bloomberg has to make the threatened cuts to the Police Department the headcount would be at its lowest since 1990 when crime was out of control and then-Mayor David Dinkins imposed a tax to hire more cops. WCBS

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