KUWAIT: MUSLIMS outraged because popular Arab singer sang Israeli folk song, 'Hava Nagila'….in HEBREW!

She was accused of promoting Zionist ideas and diplomatic ties with Israel. The 28-year-old singer, whose stage name is Ema, denied that she had any political or ‘Zionist’ motives.

Kuwaiti Muslims are in an uproar over a popular Kuwaiti songstress, Ema Shah, who sang the widely-known “Hava NaGila” Hebrew song. The performance was part of her “Anthropology repertoire.”


“The same song had been performed by Dalilda in French and in Hebrew,” she told Kuwaiti media. “I just followed her example, and in fact, I knew the exact meaning of the words only after the negative reaction.” The song’s lyrics in Hebrew simply mean “Come… Let us rejoice, let us be happy.”

She also noted that a critical religious scholar, who charged that she is being “exploited to disseminate certain ideas that promote Zionism,” also has condemned her for a song about Jesus.

Egyptian singer, Dalida, performing Hava Nagila (in Egypt):

“Unfortunately, our media focuses on wars and problems, and not on meaningful work,” Emma complained. “I have written in Russian and performed in Arabic, English, Spanish, Japanese and French. Does that make me a spy for France or Britain?”

Emma, who also is a pianist and guitarist, declared, “I am well versed in all religions, sects and creeds and I do not have a problem with anyone. I love all people and there are Christians and people with various religious beliefs in my audience.” GULF NEWS