SWEDEN: Muslim Community fears "Islamophobic" violence after Muslim kills elderly woman and attempts to kill husband

An elderly couple was brutally attacked by a 23-year-old Muslim man when trying to park their car in the Swedish town of Landskrona.

The couple were trying to park, but another car was in their way. They honked and parked. But the young Muslim man (23) in the other car rolled down his window and asked why they honked. An altercation started. The young man became so upset, he threw the car door on the 71 year old man, Sven, who fell down. The young man then started beating the 71 year old.

The older man’s 78 year old wife, Inger, tried to intervene, but was punched in the face and fainted.

The younger man fled in his car. The elderly couple were brought to the hospital. The 71 year was in shock and had injuries to his face and back. The 78 year old was brought to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. She died of her injuries Wednesday.

The 23 year old suspect is married and has a newborn daughter. He’s the youngest of three brothers, and all three are involved in the investigation. The oldest (39), owns the car while the younger one (36) admits he was present during the attack. The police say they have several witnesses and at least 20 people who say the suspect was the murderer.

Frequent Muslim violence in Sweden

Four Islamic and Arab associations called for a press conference in order to calm the unrest in Landskrona after the fatal beating of Inger, 78. Though the associations call it an accident, while the police classifies it as a murder.

“We have a feeling that there’s an agenda of a certain party which, unfortunately, wants to exploit this situation to their advantage,” said Said Hadrous. The associations treat the murder very seriously, but also warn the incident can “cause xenophobia in our society.” (One of MANY such Muslim-caused incidents in Sweden)

“We want all threats to cease and that people shouldn’t generalize.” (They aren’t generalizing, they are being specific – ‘MUSLIMS’)

The family of the 23 year old confirms the incident, but they say it was an accident. The family says they’ve received death threats after the suspect’s identity was published online, and one of the brothers said he doesn’t dare let his children go to school. The suspect’s wife got a call from someone saying they’ll kill her children. (Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?)

The 36 year old brother said his wife and children have left Landskrona. They can’t sleep but are terrified and do not feel good at all. They see all the police who came in to the apartment to arrest their father. (Awwww)

According to the suspect’s lawyer, the suspect denies everything. His lawyer also said that the suspect was threatened by phone and by internet, that those threats have racist characteristics and that he’s taken it up the issue of his protection with the police.

Ferki Hamad, an imam in Landskrona, thinks the police should take the threats seriously and compares the situation with a case where a rape suspect boy and his family recieved police protection after they were threatened. ISLAM IN EUROPE