PAKISTAN: 'Blasphemous' Shaving Contest organized by Gillette ransacked by IslamoIdiots

You gotta love their reasoning: Because a MUSLIM Paedophile (Prophet Muhammad) with a six-year-old wife wore a beard in the 7th century, the banned Jamaat-ut Dawah (JuD) organization, along with other religious parties in Karachi, have disrupted a promotional event organized by a leading multinational company for its shaving razors.

The competition, organized by Gillette Pakistan, was supposed to create a local record of number of people shaving at the same time. Just as the event was about to get underway, JuD activists forcibly entered the Expo Centre and disrupted the proceedings. They then staged a protest outside the Expo Centre and shouted slogans against the company.

“Anything contradictory to the principles of Islam would not be accepted in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” Qari Muhammad Usman told men who started converging at the centre. “It is blasphemous and the criminals should be punished.” He also called on people to boycott the MNC and its products. The event was a follow up to a competition held in Mumbai in which 1,700 people had participated, organisers said.

According to the organisers more than 2,600 participants had entered the hall and the shaving kits had been distributed when some police officials and expo centre administration first switched off the lights of the hall and then informed the organisers that they could not be allowed to carry on with their work as the centres administrators had been constantly receiving threats from some unknown people. LIVE LEAK

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