Why won't Obama let our Navy kill the MUSLIM SEWAGE OF THE SEAS?

U.S. warship captured six suspected pirates  after a battle off the Horn of Africa — the Navy’s third direct encounter with seafaring MUSLIM BOTTOM FEEDERS in less than two weeks. Why don’t we blow their damn ragheads off?

A suspected pirate skiff burns after being destroyed by the amphibious dock landing ship USS Ashland

A battle? A BATTLE? Give me a break, if our Navy sailors would be allowed to shoot the Muslim pirates, they’d stop attacking ships, at least American ships. This is a disgrace, just like the MUSLIM bottom feeder in the White House.

The Navy has taken at least 21 suspected pirates since March 31 in the violence-plagued waters off Somalia and nearby regions, where U.S. warships are part of an international anti-piracy flotilla.

A statement by the U.S. Navy said the suspected pirates began shooting at the amphibious dock landing ship USS Ashland just before dawn about 380 miles (610 kilometers) off Djibouti, a small nation facing Yemen across the mouth of the Red Sea.

The Navy said the Ashland returned fire and the suspected pirate skiff was destroyed (BUT THE MUSLIM SLUDGE WERE ALLOWED TO LIVE?). All six people on board were rescued and taken aboard the Ashland.

The Ashland suffered no injuries or damage in the second recent attack on a U.S. warship by suspected pirates. (Oh, please, damage from a dinghy?)

On March 31, the frigate USS Nicholas exchanged fire with a suspected pirate vessel west of the Seychelles, sinking their skiff and confiscating a mother ship. Five suspected pirates were captured. On Monday, the destroyer USS McFaul responded to the distress call from a merchant vessel and captured 10 other suspected pirates.

The Navy said it was reviewing “multiple options” on the suspects’ fates. (But hanging  isn’t one of them?)

Some suspected pirates have been turned over to Kenya for trial, but there has been some reluctance by African nations to become a center for prosecutions. In December, the Dutch government released 13 suspected Somali pirates after the European Union failed to find a country willing to prosecute them.

At the United Nations, Russia has introduced a draft resolution to the U.N. Security Council that calls for strengthening the international legal system to ensure captured Somali pirates do not escape punishment. (Even the Russians are afraid to execute them? Sheeeesh)

More than a dozen ships and their crew are believed to be currently held by pirates off the lawless coast of Somalia. NY POST

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