NC Islamic Center is proud to be associated with unindicted co-conspirators in Federal terrorism case

Tied to the largest Islamic terrorism financing case in U.S. history, the Islamic Center of Charlotte, NC receives threats. And we should be concerned with this because WHY?

The Islamic Center’s property is owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) — an un-indicted co-conspirator in the federal terror case.

Jibril Hough, Muslim convert, the worst kind

When we first asked the head of the Islamic Center, Jibril Hough, about all this in February, he said yes, NAIT owns their property, but he said he did not know the Feds had flagged the organization. Hough said he was concerned enough to take it to his board. Today, he announced he did that, and they decided not to dissociate.

“They’re not guilty of anything so it’s not something that we should immediately move on to separate yourself from,” Hough says. (No, but they are still under investigation, as you should be)

What the Islamic Center is moving on is this: “Our government’s shameless public identification of the un-indicted co-conspirator list,” says Izzat Saymeh, outreach coordinator at The Center. (SHAMELESS? What is shameless is that terror supporters like you are allowed to remain in this country and spew your propaganda)

“It’s a label used to fear and smear and discredit you,” says Hough. (That’s right, terrorist supporters should NOT be feared, smeared, and discredited. They should be jailed, deported, or executed)

The Center says the government slapped the label on NAIT in a McCarthyistic move. (McCarthy was right!) The Center says its association to an organization tarnished by the U-S government is causing trouble for them. (So, leave)

Notice the terror cell located in Charlotte, NC

“Two days ago we had an attempted break-in here,” Hough says, adding that they’ve also received threatening emails. We asked to see…as of airtime, we haven’t received them. “A lot of it is saying they’ll be watching us. If FBI and law enforcement is not watching us, they’ll be watching us,” Hough explained. (GOD, I hope so)  CAIRtv

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