South Park takes on Prophet Mo once again

TV Cartoon show South Park is courting controversy after daring to draw the Prophet Muhammad in a no-holds-barred 200th episode.

In the anniversary episode, the stars of the show again poke fun at Hollywood star Tom Cruise, who teams up with a group of other celebrities parodied in the show – including Bono, Tiger Woods and Paris Hilton – to plot their revenge.

They demand that the town of South Park bring him the Prophet Muhammad – but they balk at the request due to the real-life controversy of drawing the religious figure.

But a tug-of-war ensues between the celebrities and an association of redheaded children after the children in South Park – Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Stan – ‘track down’ a version of the Prophet Muhammad.

2006 South Park Muhammad

2010 South Park Muahmmad

And here we have the outraged Muslim reaction to the latest South Park Muhammad cartoon, complete with death threats to the creators.

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