MUSLIM MAN arrested with arsenal of weapons, ammo, pipe bomb materials and stolen identity

Investigators found two AK 47s, a 9mm semiautomatic rifle and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, pipe bomb materials, a ballistic face mask and vest, and a flak jacket. He traveled to Pakistan too, but they have the cojones to report he had NO TIES TO TERRORISM?

Federal officials said on Friday that a large amount of weapons were found at the home of a man who allegedly stole the identity of someone bound to a wheelchair and suffering from cerebral palsy, and used it to try to flee the country.

Abdullah Mohammed Muslim, formerly known as Johnnie Clagg, faces felony gun charges, 10TV’s Andy Hirsch reported. Muslim, 38, allegedly stole personal information from people and tired to use it to get a passport to leave the country.

Police stopped Muslim’s vehicle on the city’s southwest side in October. He was wanted on charges of identity theft and trying to falsify a passport. After being arrested, federal agents went to his home and said they found an arsenal inside, Hirsch reported.

Muslim’s attorney said his client traveled from Columbus to tribal areas of Pakistan and that he converted to Islam while spending time in prison. He said his client has no ties to any terror organizations. (Yes, and I’m the Queen of England) 10TV