Saudi poachers brag about killing endangered animals

Two Saudi poachers who posted an amateur video of themselves illegally hunting gazelles are now being hunted down themselves – by authorities. Hmmmm, so they’ll put these guys in jail while they allow rapists and honor killers to go free?

Not only did the pair use rifles which are banned for hunters – but the animals they killed were of an endangered species, and on a nature reserve.

The poachers happily show off their catch while the car radio plays a popular Saudi song in the background. On the men’s shoulders hang sniper rifles – banned for hunting purposes in Saudi Arabia. The clip is entitled “Defying the nature reserve”.

The general secretary of the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development, prince Bandar bin Mohammed al-Saud, has called on witnesses to come forward in helping to arrest the pair. He admitted however that his organisation had known about the video for two months, but did not want to publicise the issue. It was only when the Saudi Web became enflamed with the subject that an appeal for witnesses was issued.

“They compete between each other for the biggest number of rare animals”

Hunting is strictly regulated in Saudi Arabia. An official decree states the times of year in which hunting is permitted (outside nature reserves and inhabited areas). Despite this, some species have become increasingly scarce over the past few years. Weasels, turtleneck doves, nightingales, foxes, wolves and even hedgehogs are among those whose numbers have dwindled. OBSERVERS.france24