Dhimmi U.S. Army rescinds invitation to Rev. Franklin Graham for his description of "Islam as evil"

Military Religious Freedom Foundation raised the objection to the appearance, citing Mr. Graham’s past remarks about Islam.


Let’s see, retaliating against enemies who attack America is OFF THE TABLE. But retaliating against Americans who attack Islamic terrorism is not. Apparently the Muslim-in-Chief has issued the Army its marching orders. And the increasingly Islamist-sympathizing Army officials are only too happy to comply.

 Mikey Weinstein, president of the foundation, said the invitation offended Muslim employees at the Pentagon. He said it would endanger American troops by stirring up Muslim extremists.

Col. Collins said the invitation wasn’t from the Pentagon but from the Colorado-based National Day of Prayer Task Force, which works with the Pentagon chaplain’s office on the prayer event.

Mr. Weinstein objected to the working relationship between the Pentagon chaplain’s office and the task force, saying the chaplains have effectively endorsed the task force by using its materials and routinely inviting its honorary chairman to speak at the Pentagon. Mr. Weinstein said that amounts to preferential treatment in violation of Defense Department rules.

Col. Collins said the working relationship has been reviewed by Pentagon lawyers and passed legal scrutiny. “We are an all-inclusive military. We hold observances throughout the year. This one happens to be a Christian-themed event,” Col. Collins said.

After the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Mr. Graham said Islam “is a very evil and wicked religion.” In a later Op-Ed article in the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Graham wrote that he did not believe ALL Muslims were evil because of their faith, but “as a minister . . . I believe it is my responsibility to speak out against the terrible deeds that are committed as a result of Islamic teaching.” WASHINGTON TIMES