Doesn't everybody stuff their shoes with shrapnel and batteries to look taller before boarding a plane?

A traveler who stuffed his shoes with batteries and metal plates in a bid to appear taller put security officials on high alert at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

(They don’t give his nationality which virtually gurantees he was a Muslim)

Shortly before 10 a.m. ET, a man travelling to Chicago was stopped by security. It was the unusual contents of his shoes that set off alarm bells — specifically a series of concealed metal plates and batteries.

The man was detained, taken to a nearby police station and questioned for five hours. The incident drew the interest of Peel Regional Police, the RCMP and INSET, Canada’s integrated national security enforcement team.

But instead of concealing bomb-making equipment, the man was simply trying to appear taller, police eventually determined. (And if you buy that I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you)

“If anything, it was a crime of vanity,” CBC’s John Lancaster reported. “He used a series of batteries and plates to make himself appear taller. Essentially, they were homemade lifts.” The man was released without charges. CBC