Terrorist Front Group CAIR asks yours truly for a donation!

(If you are a regular reader here, you’ve seen many of these stories posted. CAIR has unlimited Saudi money to sue and threaten to sue anyone and everyone whom they deem to be Islamophobic.)

As-salaamu alaykum: (Peace be to you.)

You are no doubt aware of the growing level of Islamophobia in our society. This fear and hatred of Islam is being promoted and exploited by a vocal minority whose hate-filled agenda would marginalize and disenfranchise the entire American Muslim population. This “Islamophobia machine” is targeting you and your family.

Here’s the good news: We’re fighting back and we’re winning. Today I am writing to ask for your support to continue standing up against this growing threat to American Muslims.

Ex-Muslim Ali Sina in his piece on ‘Death to Islamophobes’ says, “Any suspected critic of Islam will hysterically be called an “Islamophobe,” “racist” or “Zionist,” and will be subjected to vicious vitriol and absolute, sheer hatred. This development will represent something straight out of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda–a rabid brainwashing sweeping across Europe in particular.” READ MORE: DEATH TO ISLAMOPHOBES

A few examples of the growing anti-Muslim bias and hate challenged by CAIR chapters nationwide:

ACT! for America and other anti-Islam hate groups tried to prevent a respected imam from offering the opening prayer in a session of Virginia’s House of Delegates.
CAIRResult: A CAIRAction Alert,” along with the efforts of other groups and individuals, helped make sure the imam’s prayer went ahead despite the protest by hate-mongers.
Anti-Islam advertisements, produced by the hate group Stop the Islamization of America, began appearing on public buses in Miami. The ads read: “Fatwa on your head? Is your family or community threatening you? Leaving Islam?” They also linked to an anti-Islam web site.
CAIRResult: CAIR was able to help convince Miami-Dade Transit to drop the ads. The hate group is now threatening to sue.
A recent advertisement in a Minnesota newspaper carried the headline “Does the Islamic Religion Represent a Threat to America?” and claimed “Moslems [sic] seek to influence a nation by immigration, reproduction, education, the government, illegal drugs, and by supporting the gay agenda.”
CAIRResultCAIR placed an ad in the same paper offering an accurate portrayal of Islam and Muslims.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca had to defend himself against aggressive attacks by Rep. Mark Souder (R-Indiana), who grilled the sheriff in a congressional hearingabout his working relationship with the Muslim community. Rep. Souder was previously quoted as saying of Islam, “fundamentally, it’s wrong,” and “I find their religion offensive.”
CAIRResult: CAIR coordinated support for Sheriff Baca, who stood by the Muslim community.
The Washington Post published an article about American Muslims who contacted CAIR to report that they have been prevented from returning to the United States after being placed on no-fly lists or had their passports seized withoutexplanation. Another front-page Washington Post article told the story of an American Muslim soldier who has allegedly been harassed by other military personnel because of his faith.
CAIRResult: CAIR helped the soldier tell his story to the Post, which resulted in lengthy positive reports on ABC Evening News and Nightline.