Now that Obama has promised NOT to retaliate for a biological or chemical attack…

New York City is holding drills with the FDNY and U.S. Marines to prepare how to respond AFTER an Islamic terror attack occurs.

As a resident of NYC, I thought the plan was to prevent another attack? Somehow this doesn’t make me feel safer than I did under George W. Bush.

Firefighters and U.S. Marines conducted a large-scale drill simulating a response to a terror attack on a New York City bus and subway. Thursday morning’s drill at the FDNY’s Fire Academy on Randall’s Island involved the use of a burned-out city bus and the fire department’s subway simulator.

The drill simulated a suicide bombing on a city bus, a chlorine gas leak in a subway, and a building collapse. The idea behind the drill was to coordinate the rescue and decontamination of the victims.

The drill is a part of a week-long effort between local first-responders and Marines. About 200 firefighters and Marines took part in the exercise. 1010 WINS

Is it me or does anyone else think that the Muslim-in-Chief wants this country to be attacked?