SWEDEN: Naked Muhammad poster enrages Muslims, offends liberals

While Swedish government officials continue to coddle Muslims despite the frightening surge in violent Muslim crime again Swedish citizens, some politicians running for office are taking the veil off Islam.

French blog Bivouac-ID posted a picture with a caption that reads “Mohammed with wife, he’s 53, she’s 9. Is this the type of marriage we want to see in Skåne?”

The anti-Islam Skåne Party put posters with cartoons in twenty different places in Malmö. The posters portray the prophet Muhammed naked with a 9 year old wife by his side. The posters have been reported to the police by both the police and at least one person. The (LIBERAL) reporters think it could be hate speech.(Liberals always think the truth is hate speech, except when the hate speech is coming from them)

“There’s no reason for that. We’re attacking Islam, not people who believe in Islam. We consider Islam to be very dangerous and psyco-social infectious disease,” said Carl P Herslow, head of the Skåne Party, who thinks the posters defend freedom of expression and the press. The party will run in the next elections.

On Tueday Björn Lagerbäck (FP) contacted Sydsvenskan. He heads the municipality’s recently established Dialog Forum, where different groups in Malmö can convene to discuss “the values that divide and unite.”

“The city of Malmö clearly opposes the posters. We appeal to all Muslim groups not to let themselves be provoked. (In other words, don’t do what you always do – rioting in the streets, murdering people, burning down buildings) The Skåne Party is a small, isolated sect,” he said. (Not for long)

The Muslim Association of Sweden demands an apology from Skåne Party leader Carl P Herslow. “The party’s posters are hate speech,” the association’s leader Mahmoud Aldebe said in a statement. “The Skåne Party is a small, isolated, terrorist sect which should be banned from participating in the fall elections,” said Mahmoud Aldebe. (NO, MUSLIMS should be banned from Sweden) ISLAM IN EUROPE

Muslims have attempted to kill the Swedish cartoonist who drew a picture of a dog with a Muhammad head: