A few Jews Hitler must have missed

Remember that battle against the the  NYC Islamic Madrassa, ‘Khalil Gibran International Academy,’ the theme of which, ‘NYC INTIFADA,’ (Intifada =Muslims slaughtering Jews) got the terrorist-supporting principal, Debbie Almontaser, fired? Apparently some self-hating leftie NY Jews got her reinstated.

These 2 videos are from a new documentary about the NYC Madrassa as told from the Muslim POV. What I didn’t know and was disgusted to see takes place in the first few minutes of Part 2 , where several prominent NY liberal Jews are shown defending the madrassa’s right to be considered a public school funded by American taxpayer money. So now your tax dollars are paying for a school that teaches Jew-hatred and hatred of non-Muslims, as all madrassas do. Then again, these are the same kind of ignorant leftie Jews who voted for a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer for President.




Now, look at the hate-filled, crime-ridden hellhole this Intifada High School has turned into.

The Muslim principal who cried “bomb!” in a crowded school has left chaos and violence in the classrooms she created.

It is against this tumultuous backdrop that we learn Brooklyn’s Khalil Gibran International Academy — founded in 2007 by firebrand ex-Principal Debbie Almontaser as the city’s first public Arabic-themed school — this year has suspended more than one-third of its student body for infractions ranging from hitting to weapons.

“Every day, they’re fighting,” said Voneeda Black, who nervously sends her 6-year-old to the elementary school with which Gibran shares a building. “You don’t see parents,” she said. “Three or four times a week, there are cops here, if not more.”

Since it opened, the tiny school on the edge of DUMBO has had one of the city’s highest rates of violence. A teacher was taunted by kids as a “terrorist” in 2008. It’s gotten steadily worse.

More than a third — one in three! — of Gibran’s 114 students, grades six through eight, have been suspended this year, according to the Department of Education. Twenty-two were yanked from school for five days. Eight kids were considered so rowdy or dangerous, they were banned from class six to 10 days.

Nineteen fights led to student injuries or intimidation. In two other cases, weapons were used. This number has climbed from last year’s 17 violent incidents and 26 suspensions. And the school year isn’t over yet. READ MORE: NY POST

Does a radical Muslim have a right to head a New York City public school?

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission seems to think so. That panel ruled  that city officials discriminated against Debbie Almontaser when they forced her out as principal of the taxpayer-funded madrassa she helped found.

Yet the Khalil Gibran International Academy, which is billed as an Arabic-themed public school, was a bad idea from the start — and Almontaser was an even worse choice to lead it.

Almontaser served as spokesman for an organization that shared office space with an Arab group that hawked T-shirts bearing the slogan “Intifada NYC” — an apparent reference to the bloody Palestinian terror campaign against Israeli civilians.

Incredibly, Almontaser defended the shirts, claiming that “intifada” was really just an Arabic word for “shaking off.” Never mind, as The Post also reported, that the group’s co-founders were members of an outfit that advocates the elimination of the Jewish state. READ MORE: NY POST